How To Create A Budget For Your Small Business

Learn how to create budget for your small business.

Starting a small business can be a stressful process since there are several elements involved.  One of the most vital elements of opening a small business is crafting a budget.  You want to create a budget that you can realistically follow so that you can at least match your expenses to your expected revenue.  Your budget should allow you to expand and grow your business in the future.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips for creating a budget for your small business. Continue reading “How To Create A Budget For Your Small Business”

Do You Need Help Creating A Strategic Plan For Your Small Business?

Learn how to create an effective strategic business plan.

Any type of business needs to formulate a strategic plan when wanting to accomplish a task, especially when it comes to starting a small business.  If you are starting a small business, you may not have a steady revenue or customer base yet.  So, you need to create a strategic plan to get your business off the ground.  A strategic plan can become the groundwork of how specific procedures are run at your company.  There are a few vital steps you should include in your strategic plan for your small business. Continue reading “Do You Need Help Creating A Strategic Plan For Your Small Business?”

A Simple Guide to Financial Statements

Here is a simple guide to business financial statements.

An integral part of running a small business is analyzing your finances on a regular basis.  You need to stay up to date on important financial aspects of your business such as your revenue, expenses, and cash flow.  At PL Consulting, we specialize in putting together your financial statements and analyzing your financial position at the end of each cycle.  However, you still need to understand the basics of accounting when it comes to your small business.  Luckily, we have put together an overview of the financial statements you need to prepare.

Continue reading “A Simple Guide to Financial Statements”

Benefits Of Direct Deposit

Discover the benefits of direct deposit.

If your company is still using a paper check system, you might be making extra work for yourself and sacrificing efficiency. Over 82% of employers in the US use a direct deposit payroll system and accounts payable system, which often benefits companies, employees, and vendors alike. Payroll reports and vendor payment reports are still easily accessible. However, the overall workload of payment is significantly reduced.   Continue reading “Benefits Of Direct Deposit”