Business Planning

PL Consulting Packages for Business Plans & Start-Up Clients


  1. The first step is to set up the entity with both the state, IRS, and then open a business checking account.
  2. Business Plans: We offer 3 different packages depending on your budget:

Silver (Paragraph + Pro Forma)

The silver plan will come with a professional business plan giving the business owner and any equity investors a roadmap to follow to successfully build their business.

Gold (Silver Package Benefits + Industry Related Market Research + Budget)

The gold plan includes, in addition to the business plan, comprehensive market research related to the business to give the business owner more information with which to make business decisions. The plan also includes a budget done by a professional CFO so the business owner knows what his numbers need to be.

Platinum (Gold & Silver Package Benefits + Full-Blown Financial for Bank or Investor)

Often time’s banks or investors will need to see a business plan to approve a loan which requires a much more comprehensive business plan. The platinum plan includes this as well as a budget and industry related market research

Every new business is going to need to get their books on track.

Here are areas where PL Consulting can further assist you:

  • Accounts Receivables (AR)
  • Accounts Payables (AP)
  • Payroll
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations

Effective January 1st, the Corporate Transparency Act is bipartisan legislation designed to root out bad actors using US entities to hide illicit activities. The law requires millions of US business entities to file beneficial ownership information with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Existing companies have until December 31st, 2024 to file their information.