2022 Tax Season



Now that tax season is officially over, it is time to prepare for next year. To have an efficient tax filing in 2022, you must stay organized year-round. 

2022 Tax Season
Check out the info below for professional advice about tax preparation for the 2022 Tax Season.


Benefits of Tax Planning


Tax planning is beneficial to you in the following ways:


  • Get your tax deductions and tax credits. Keep track of all your supplies purchased, depreciation, and mileage. Subtract these expenses from your taxable income. Tax credits also reduce the amount of taxes you owe by reducing your income tax dollar-for-dollar.


  • Help decide on using standard deductions or itemizing. Many taxpayers use standard deductions because it is much faster at a flat rate. Itemizing is a longer process, but typically ends up with more deductions. Itemizing takes your tax deductions one by one.


  • Determine your tax bracket and plan for tax time. Knowing which tax bracket you fall in is vital so you know your standing and gives you time to prepare. The higher your income is, the more money you may have to pay in taxes.


  • Keep a good track of your tax records to file on time. The most important part of tax planning is keeping records of past tax returns and current documents. If you work with a tax preparer, this helps them keep you on track.


How to Stay Organized


Reduce the amount of paperwork as much as possible. Digitize everything you can and stay orderly with a spreadsheet. You may find that software like Quickbooks works best for you. Take a photo of your receipts while you are on the go. Quickbooks tracks the date, vendor, amount, and payment method for you. This prevents a pileup of printed receipts in your office.


When making note of your expenses, accurately add the date, location, amount, and item. Keep food and office supplies separate. Add in the number of miles driven, location, and reason for driving there so that you have good representation for the IRS if needed. 


Monitoring and collecting this data also shows your business where it is spending the most amount of money. This helps you determine whether it is a good use of your budget.


Should I Hire a Tax Planner or Tax Preparer?


A tax planner structures transactions to minimize the legitimate amount of tax you pay. Tax preparers file taxes for individuals and businesses. They ensure you consider all your legal deductions, so you realize your full tax benefit. 


PL Consulting has comprehensive interview techniques. Our computerized tax return preparation process assures that your return is complete, correct, and presented to you promptly. We assist you in planning your tax obligations for the entire year, so there are not any surprises at tax time. We ensure you gain the full benefit of your deductions through our intensive education and training.

Questions about our tax preparation services? Call us at 410.764.3731 or contact us on our website. Stay up-to-date with PL Consulting on our LinkedIn.



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